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Labor Prep Class For An Effective & Easy Birthing Experience

This class is NOT the same as your hospital childbirth class. 

Learn to labor and push efficiently while protecting your pelvic floor. 

Spouses & other caretakers are welcome to attend! 

Virtual and In-Person option. You can attend from anywhere in the world!

From time to time we see so many postpartum moms as patients who almost feel betrayed that they did not have access to knowledge or resources for a more empowered birth, knowledge about pelvic floor, how to breath, what positions are helpful, what to do if they have prolapse or tailbone injury from previous birth, what to do if they have tensed pelvic floor or history of pelvic pain, how can they birth safely with a previous traumatic birth history, what about VBAC birth in terms of pelvic floor and scar tissue from previous c-section or episiotomy scars. 
This led us to come up with a 2 part labor prep workshop where we answer and prepare you for these exact scenarios or give you the next step solutions. We keep it 2 part because it can be overwhelming to consume that much information, it gives you time to process and ask me questions.  
Reasons You Should Prepare for Labor & Delivery


Having information and knowledge about the birthing process empowers you.

Prepare for Uncertainty

Birth is not one size fits all, this class prepares you for different scenarios including emergency cesarean.

Partner Advocacy

Many a times, especially in hospitals, the mother is a passive spectator in birth rather than being fully present and may need her partner to advocate for her.

Self Advocacy

When you are prepared and have an understanding of the process, you can advocate for yourself and loved ones.

Learn about different stages of labor & delivery and role of pelvic bones and pelvic floor muscles.

Learn to use posture and breath to help the baby move better towards birth canal.

What will the class include:

Learn exercise to help movements of the pelvic bones from 36 weeks.

Pelvic floor awareness, engagement & pelvic breath taught during the class.

Protect your pelvic floor with manual techniques and pushing & breathing techniques.

There will be 2 one-on-one classes taught 2-3 weeks apart.

Each class is 45 minutes long. 

Price $375 250 for both classes combined

"I delivered my son vaginally in about 25 minutes. All of Dr. Soni's tips were so helpful and the peanut ball helped me dilate from 9 to 10 cm in less than an hour."
I went to see Dr.Soni as a. first time mom wanting to prep my body for labor and learn proper breathing technique and positioning. She was helpful in all of the above plus more!
My husband and I attended 2 of our sessions solely focused on birth process and his role with positioning. Dr.Soni has taught me so much and helped make me feel comfortable and prepared for when I deliver. 
3 Reasons Why Our Class Is Different
  1. We will go beyond the superficial breathing and pushing techniques

  2. We will dive deeper in to the pelvic floor knowledge and ways to protect it

  3. We will teach your partner supportive techniques and tips to advocate and enhance the birthing experience.

Dr. Bhavti Soni 

Founder & CEO, Pelvic Health Specialist

Dr. Soni is a pelvic health expert and has been practicing pelvic physical therapy since 12 years and has been a PT since 15 years. She has extensive education in pelvic health and has been  part of expert panels, global conferences and pelvic health courses where she teaches other Pelvic PTs.  She worked in New York City with leading pelvic pain specialists for 4 years before moving to NJ in 2018 to raise a family and started her own premier Pelvic PT practice. She lives with her husband and 3 year old son.

Still unsure how this class can help you? 

Click the button below to schedule a discovery call with Dr. Soni to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

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